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  • Hi i want to pay cash when you turn up. Why do i need to book or even pay online, or do it over the phone?

    Our calendar is live to the public so we can only guarantee our potential availability with booked clients this way. Somebody may wish to book the same time that you may need. Please view our terms and conditions titled T&Cs

  • Can I use a payment card to pay my balance after the work is done?

    Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards, our payment processor is pay pal.

  • Can you come and do the job at my work or home?

    Yes, we can, we are a mobile company and can do 95% of electrical tasks on the spot.

  • How do i book you after hours as its not showing?

    You can send us a message at any time on here leaving us with your reg along with your requirements. We will respond as soon as possible normal within an hour of the same business day.

  • Can I use WhatsApp to send my images etc?

    Yes you can, we use whatsapp to communicate with some of our customers in this way every day during business hours. 07956 996 996

  • How do i send my whatsapp location?

    Call us on 07956 996 996 and we’ll walk you through it. Just like sending a picture message next to the text field there’s an up facing arrow, tap it. TAP SHARE LOCATION THEN SEND YOUR LOCATION ONCE THE ACCURACY SAYS 5 METTERS OR LESS.

  • Im not happy can I get a refund?

    Yes, all refunds are considered. Please give us a call to talk about the best way we can do this for you if possible. Please review our refunds information under our T & Cs tab.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, you can. We also have a contactless payment machine which supports all contactless payments including apple pay from your mobile phone or apple watch.

  • Can you remap my car?

    95% of cars can be remapped to deliver all round better performance. Send us an instant message including in it the vehicles Reg.

  • I've turned up at your business address but your not there for me to talk to, what should I do?

    Please call us. We are only on site for bookings in bad weather conditions. Send us a text message alternatively, create a booking and we will come to you.

  • I work in a busy office can i leave you to carry on working while i go back inside?

    Yes, absolutely we are here to help you in the most convenient way.

  • My dash warning light is on I don't know what's wrong can you fix it?

    We can assess what is wrong with your car once you have booked a time slot for us to come out. Give us a call or just create a booking that suits you best.

  • Can I get a refund on an assessment of my vehicle afterwards?

    Unfortunately, assessments are generally non-refundable. Please read our terms and conditions under refunds for a full list of possible options.

  • I need to cancel my booking what happens now?

    Check your email messages from us and there will be an option to cancel if you used our online booking platform. Please note a new fee will be required. See full terms and conditions titled T&C’s.

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